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December 18, 2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration

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When I first heard that Resident Evil was being turned into a live action movie I was psyched; Resident Evil is my favorite video game series ever. It has one of the most intricate, well written and originally delivered storylines. But when the movies finally hit theaters, panic ensued. I was disgusted by how horribly the plot was portrayed, and how poorly they casted the roles.

But Capcom has announced a December 27th release of Resident Evil Degeneration along with a limited theatrical release in the US (Oh please let at least one theater in Manhattan show it!). The movie looks promising, and it’d better, as it is one of the only canon video game movies ever created.

The plot seems to involve some sort of plane crash, followed by an outbreak, but I didn’t want to spoil it too much for myself by reading more of the Wikipedia page.


December 17, 2008

Advance Wars by Web – Free Browser Game

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Advance Wars is one of the best turn based strategy games ever. Each separate games offers balance between both opponents without one side having an obvious advantage (like with the leveling system of Fire Emblem). A website called Advance Wars by Web lets users play Advance Wars online against other players through a simple web interface. Those who are familiar with the Gameboy Advance series should be able to get comfortable with the AWBW interface quickly.

Make sure you have Javascript enabled before you try to play as the website uses Javascript for the unit drop down menus.

AWBW also offers ladder groups in which players compete to be the best player in each particular ladder. Each ladder has it’s own rules set ranging from fog of war to a recreation of Advance Wars 1 (by removing the new features, units and commanding officers).

If you decide to play message me for a game; My AWBW username is Pobega.

December 15, 2008

Urban Terror, a realistic, modern day FPS on the Eee PC 900

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Since I’ve owned my Eee PC 900 I’ve been trying to find a good game to play on it. Most games require a real graphics card, or more than 900 MHz of computing power, so getting an Eee PC to comfortably run these games is a chore. Games like Tremulous or Counter Strike: Source (through Wine) run, but only at about 10 FPS maximum. Being frustrated with this, I Googled for a few hours looking for a good Linux native FPS.

I eventually stumbled across Urban Terror, which I initially passed up because it looked too graphically harsh for my little Celeron M chip to handle; But I eventually tried it anyway. After doing a lot of reading I ended up creating my own configuration file (put that text in your autoexec.cfg file, should work for Windows UrT as well). Lo and behold, I ended up getting a very playable frame rate.

Now I just need to stop sucking at the game.

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